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Schools & Groups

Programs and services for educators, schools, groups, and organizations in Cuyahoga County

The Solid Waste District has an extensive education program for students, teachers, and groups in Cuyahoga County.  See the links below or use the Schools drop down-menu.


Recycling contests are offered by the Solid Waste District throughout the school year.  National recycling contests are also available to local students and schools.

E-newsletters & Social Media

Sign up to receive electronic newsletters from the District.  Delivered to your e-mail account inbox, newsletters are available for the general public and educators in Cuyahoga County. Stay connected via our social media pages. 

Environment and Recycling Facts

Fast facts about the environment and recycling.

Grants for Schools

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District offers grants to help non-profit organizations and schools in Cuyahoga County start, expand and improve recycling and composting programs by assisting with the purchase of recycling and composting containers.  Our educator also maintains a list of other grants available for schools.

Master Recycler Program

training program with focus on service learning and the theme of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Programs for Youth

Programs including assemblies, classroom presentations, special programs, day camp and summer programs, and offerings for scout and youth organizations.

Recycling in School

Ready to start students recycling? Check out our tips and tricks for classroom recycling.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recycling Processes

What does reduce, reuse, recycle really mean?  And how do recycling materials get processed?

School Composting Case Studies

Several schools in Northeast Ohio are composting leftover food scraps from lunch.  Most of the programs are small scale programs with composting efforts onsite.

Seminars for Adults

The District provides presentations that meet the Solid Waste District's mission for adult audiences.

Teacher Resources

Resources including education links, educator workshops, environmental activities and projects.

Student Page

page for students including information on scholarships, homework helpers, games, and other links.

Ask the Education Specialist

Do you have a question that has not been answered in the education pages or in the educational brochures?  Contact the District's educator at (216) 443-3731 or