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Phone Book Recycling



Where else can I recycle phone books?

Most cities collect phone books in their curbside recycling programs.  These residents can recycle their phone books with other mixed paper products including newspaper, cardboard, boxboard, junk mail, and magazines.  Check with your local city service department for more information.  You can also take old phone books to a local Abitibi Paper Retriever bin, City of Cleveland recycling bin, or River Valley Paper Company recycling bin. Make sure to remove the book from the bag before recycling.

How can I stop phone books from being delivered?

Visit the National Yellow Pages consumer choice opt-out site to customize your delivery or stop phone books from being delivered altogether.

Program History

The annual Phone Book Recycling Campaign was the largest phone book recycling program in the state, recycling over five million phone books since 1993!  Throughout the 21 years of the program, phone books were recycled into a variety of low-grade paper stock items such as animal bedding, cardboard tubes, and tissue paper. The campaign was sponsored by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District in cooperation with Cleveland Metroparks.

 2013  54.39 tons
 2012  88.49 tons
 2011  139.64 tons
 2010  263.29 tons
 2009  416.75 tons
 2008  516.49 tons
 2007  371.75 tons
 2006  273.01 tons
 2005  271.6 tons
 2004  335.45 tons
 2003  382 tons
 2002  420 tons
 2001  428 tons
 2000  405 tons
 1999  505 tons
 1998  531 tons
 1997  488 tons
 1996  540 tons
 1995  465 tons
 1994  469 tons
 1993  420 tons 


Calendar of Events

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August 1-31, 2014
Recycle Your Computer Month
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August 19, 2014
Sort Out Recycling class
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August 21, 2014
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August 22, 2014
ZeroLandfill Harvest

September 1, 2014
Holiday - County offices closed

September 23, 2014
Waste & Recycling $ense for Business seminar
Cuyahoga County Library, Garfield Heights


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