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Seminars for Adults

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District provides presentations that meet the Solid Waste District's mission for adult audiences.  If your group is interested in scheduling a presentation, contact Kathleen at (216) 443-3731. 

Compost Seminars & Bin Sales

Compost Seminars & Bin Sales are held around Cuyahoga County from March to November for the general public.  Learn about how to compost in your backyard and reduce the amount of organics going to landfills.  People new to composting and long time composters can attend these free sessions.  All are welcome.  For current dates and locations, visit our Composting page.  Registration is required. 

Clean Up, Green Up: Removing Home-Based Hazardous Materials

Join the Solid Waste Management District for a free, interactive lecture about household hazardous wastes.  Clean Up, Green Up: Removing Home-Based Hazardous Materials is a 90-minute educational seminar to help residents learn what materials may be hazardous in the home and how to properly store and dispose of them. Find out about safer substitutes for common household cleaning products and take home ideas and resources for greening your home.

Business Recycling Presentations

The Business Recycling Specialist can deliver a presentation to your business or organization that can assist with waste reduction and recycling.   Contact our Business Recycling Specialist with your request. 

Sort Out Recycling

Our Recycling 101 course addresses the complexities of the recycling process and dispells the myths people believe about recycling.  Learn where recyclables go and how recycling benefits the environment.  Any adult organization, group or business can request this presentation. 

Recycling Education and/or Environmental Education Presentations

The Education Specialist can deliver customized recycling and sustainablity presentations, community engagement and professional development sessions for groups such as educators, PTA, garden clubs, etc.  Contact our Education Specialist with your request.