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Tips to Green Your Office

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  1. Form a green team to help set recycling and/or composting performance goals then formulate a plan to get started and monitor your progress.
  2. Recycle your office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic, computers and other electronics, toner cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, furniture, and packaging from shipments.
  3. If your office has some green space, consider purchasing a food waste digester from the Solid Waste Management District to compost your office food waste.
  4. Place recycling bins at each desk and at central locations in your office. Clearly label the recycling bins so that materials are separated correctly.
  5. Buy recycled and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and office supplies made of recycled material.
  6. Print on both sides of the paper. Switch printers to double sided default.
  7. Switch fax machines to print reports only when there is a problem.
  8. Distribute office memos through email.
  9. Limit your printing by keeping files on your computer, instead of your filing cabinet.
  10. Buy in bulk to minimize packaging.
  11. Encourage staff who cannot recycle certain items at home to bring them to the office to recycle.
  12. Use a digital camera. This saves waste created from disposable cameras, film and chemicals.
  13. Donate unwanted office furniture to the Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center (216) 361-0840 or The Cleveland Furniture Bank at (216) 459-2265.
  14. Avoid printing your emails.
  15. Use scrap paper (both sides) for those quick notes.
  16. Set your computer to go into sleep mode when not in use, and turn your computer and monitor off when you leave for the night.
  17. Use the spell check and print preview functions before printing out a document.
  18. Replace disposable plates, cups, bowls and utensils with washable ones. Consider printing your company logo on them.
  19. Bring your lunch to work in reusable containers with a reusable cloth napkin.
  20. Create rewards for recycling.
  21. Consider holding conference calls instead of travelling.  This saves time, fuel and energy.
  22. Buy furniture made from recycled materials.
  23. Update the mailing list and delete any out of date addresses.
  24. Ask your suppliers about their environmental practices.
  25. Switch light bulbs to energy saving fluorescent or LED bulbs.
  26. Take advantage of natural light if it is available.
  27. Use LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards when building or selecting office or factory space.
  28. Purchase Energy Star office equipment.
  29. Have a professional energy audit performed to determine cost saving opportunities.
  30. Green your transportation.  Offer employee perks for using RTA or carpooling.
  31. Green your fleet vehicles.  Purchase hybrid vehicles.
  32. Add indoor plants to clean the air.
  33. Sponsor or support local environmental initiatives in your region, nationally and internationally.

You can also check out's instructions on "How to Start an Office Recycling Program."

For additional information or questions, please contact the District’s Business Recycling Specialist Doreen Schreiber at (216) 443-3732 or 

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