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All District Publications

The following materials are available for download as a PDF.  You can also receive them at no cost by calling the Solid Waste District at (216) 698-2265 or by filling out our Publication Request Form.

For Residents and Businesses

** Available in print and by PDF **

  Annual Report and Residential Recycling Report (2014)
Learn how your community’s recycling rate compares to the other communities in Cuyahoga County. (PDF)
  Guide to Backyard Composting
Information on making your own soil-enriching compost by building and maintaining a backyard compost pile with leaves, grass and other organic materials. (PDF)
  Pass It On: A Resource-Full Guide to Donating Usable Stuff (2014)
An award-winning guide that lists over 120 community service organizations that accept donations of usable materials to support their work. Use this guide to find a home for your unwanted sporting goods, computers, clothing, gardening tools, office equipment, household goods and more. (PDF

The Pass It On book is also available online in a searchable database.
  Proper Disposal of Hazardous Household Products and Special Wastes (2015)
Learn about the types of materials that are accepted in our Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program, instructions for disposal of latex paint, and recycling options for other special wastes. (PDF)
  Summary of the Solid Waste Plan for Cuyahoga County
Learn about the programs and services the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District will implement to safely manage solid waste produced in Cuyahoga County and meet Ohio's goals for waste reduction and recycling. (PDF)
  Recycle bumper sticker
  Make it a Habit... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Static window cling


** Available by PDF **

The following brochures are not available in print.  They can be viewed as a PDF or you can use the item's searchable database.

  Guide to Recycling in the Workplace (2008)
A step by step guide that gives tools to plan and implement a successful recycling program at a workplace. (PDF)
  How to Stop Unwanted Mail (2012)
Handy tips to reduce junk mail and unwanted phone calls. (PDF)
  Recycling Directory for Business and Industry
Lists local companies which recycle materials commonly produced by institutions, businesses and industry. Use the updated searchable database to find outlets for items ranging from office paper, scrap metal cans, to pallets and computers.

For Teachers and Students

** Available in print and by PDF **

  Compost Science Investigation
Teacher activity guidebook for K-3 grades offering a series of observations and experiments to teach students the process of composting organic matter. (Online only.)
  Don’t Throw That Out
How to reuse just about everything in your classroom. (Online only.)
  Green Teen Survival Guide
A guide for teens who want to shop with the environment in mind. (Online only.)
  Reduce Reuse Recycle Scouting Patch Guide
Guidelines for earning a free recycling patch. (Online only.)
  Start Students Recycling
A brochure for schools who would like to start a recycling program.
  Teaching the Loop
Fun facts about recycling for teachers and students.
  Teachin’ Trash Teacher Guide
A teacher's educational guide to encourage reduction of solid waste and heighten environmental awareness.
  Tracking Trash
Teachers and students can learn about where trash goes after it leaves the curb. Filled with facts and figures about trash. Also contains a two-page graphic of a landfill.
  Recycle the World poster
  Last Stop for Trash landfill poster