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Business recycling programs and seminars

The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District offers free recycling and waste reduction seminars for businesses, schools, and organizations.

Registration is required, seating is limited. Multiple attendees must be registered individually. If you experience problems with the registration process, call Doreen at (216) 443-3732. 

Upcoming Seminars

Date  Seminar  Time Registration
May 20, 2016  Recycling Roundtable 2:00-5:00  Register here
June 28, 2016  Waste & Recycling $ense for Business 9:00-12:00  Register here 
September 30, 2016  Waste & Recycling $ense for Business 1:00-4:00  Register here
October 4, 2016  Recycling Roundtable 9:00-12:00  Register here

About Our Seminars

"Waste & Recycling $ense for Your Workplace"


Businesses will learn how to recycle at work, and save money by doing it. Learn how to start a workplace recycling program or improve the one you currently have. The seminar also covers how to contract for waste and recycling services. Designed for businesses and non-profits who are interested in beginning or improving upon their recycling program or need contracting assistance. Recycling seminar flyer PDF

Waste & Recycling $ense for Business is comprised of two sessions. Both sessions are taught by the District's Business Recycling Specialist.

Session 1: Successful Recycling in your Workplace

Learn about the different recyclable commodities, commercial composting, waste haulers and specialty recycling companies, performing a "dumpster dive" or waste sort and how to analyze the results, choosing the proper indoor recycling containers and signage for them, choosing a waste hauling and recycling company, educating employees/students/visitors on the program, changing recycling behaviors, marketing your recycling program, and how to make your recycling program sustainable. 

Session 2: Contracting for Waste & Recycling Services

Discuss the terms and conditions of the contracts, types of contracts, fees, and how to structure an agreement to best suit your business.

What are attendees saying about the program?

Eighty-five businesses attended our workplace recycling and contracting seminars in 2014.  Public venues, hotel chains, manufacturing facilities, universities, schools, national parks, places of worship, non-profits, city and local government, property management and real estate development firms, hospitals, small businesses and start-ups were among the many businesses who took advantage of the opportunity to start or improve their recycling programs and learn about contracting for waste and recycling services.  Some of our recent feedback includes the following comments:

  • “There was a wealth of information for both business or home.” – flooring company employee
  • “A lot of great information and well-educated presenters.” – uniform company employee
  • "I learned about the necessity of good signage and convenience.” – newspaper employee
  • “There was a lot of great information and perspective.” – design company owner
  • “I had no idea how many different types of recyclables there were.  It’s gotten me excited to further our program!” – aviation employee
  • “The presentation was very informative.” – county employee
  • “The presentation exceeded my expectations.  I learned a lot.” – employee of a non-profit
  • “The contract presentation was extremely informative and thorough.” – hospital employee
  • “I wanted to come in and learn something new about recycling practices.  Mission accomplished!” – city employee 

Recycling Roundtable for Businesses

For the last 3 years, several hundred companies have attended the “Waste and Recycling $ense for Your Business” seminars offered by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District.  Those same businesses are invited to return and participate in a roundtable discussion to share your workplace progress with waste reduction and recycling.  Any business that has attempted to implement a waste reduction and recycling program is welcome to attend.  Roundtable event flyer PDF.