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Computer Recycling

Many of the 59 communities in Cuyahoga County offer year-round collection and recycling of computer equipment to their residents. Some hold seasonal collection events, typically in the spring or fall.  See below for details about your community.

Computer equipment can also be delivered to RET3 job corp., a non-profit computer recycler located on the east side of Cleveland.  RET3 job corp. is located at 1814 East 40th Street in Cleveland. Drop-off hours are Monday through Friday at the rear of the building from 8:00-3:00.  Contact RET3 job corp. at (216) 361-9991 or

Equipment that can be recycled via this program includes desktops, towers, laptops, monitors, keyboards and peripherals, printers, modems, tablets, e-readers, telecom devices, networking equipment, cables, cell phones, and video game systems.

Computer Recycling Events
Bay Village Drop-off the last Friday of every month, 31300 Naigle Road, 7:30-3:00. Questions, call (440) 871-1221 or
Beachwood Year-round drop-off, 23355 Mercantile Road (west driveway), M-F 7:30-3:30. Questions, call (216) 292-1922 or
Bedford Drop-off April 1-30 and August 1-31, 100 Solon Road, M-F 7:30-3:30. Questions, call (440) 735-6583 or
Bedford Heights Year-round drop-off, 25401 Solon Road, M-F 7:30-3:00. Questions, call (440) 232-8832 or
Bentleyville Year-round pick-up. Questions, call (440) 247-5055 or
Berea Drop-off June 6, 165 E. Bagley Road, 9:00-3:00. Questions, call (440) 826-5816 or
Bratenahl Village Year-round drop-off, 57 Garfield Lane. Questions, call (216) 681-7652 or
Brecksville Year-round drop-off (Saturdays only), 9023 Brecksville Road, 8:00–12:00. Residents only. Questions, call (440) 526-1384 or
Broadview Heights Year-round drop-off, 9543 Broadview Road - Bldg. 10, M-F 7:00–3:00. Questions, call (440) 526-4718 or
Brook Park Year-round drop-off, 19065 Holland Road, M-F 7:00–3:30. Questions, call (216) 433-7192 or
Brooklyn Year-round drop-off, 9400 Memphis Avenue, M-F 7:30–3:30. Questions, call (216) 635-4232 or
Brooklyn Heights Year-round drop-off, 233 Tuxedo Avenue, M-F 7:00-3:00. Questions, call (216) 351-0131 or
Chagrin Falls Drop-off the first Wednesday of every month, 240 Solon Road, 7:30-3:00. Questions, call (440) 247-5050 or
Chagrin Falls Township Call for more information. Questions, call (440) 247-8422 or
Cleveland Year-round drop-off, 5600 Carnegie Avenue and 3727 Ridge Road, M-F 8:00-4:00. Questions, call (216) 664-3711 or
Cleveland Heights Year-round curbside collection. Questions, call (216) 691-7319 or
Cuyahoga Heights Curbside collection on Tuesdays. Questions, call (216) 641-3505 or
East Cleveland Dates TBA. Questions, call (216) 681-2419 or
Euclid Drop-off April 1-30 and August 1-31, 25500 Lakeland Boulevard, drop off anytime. Questions, call (216) 289-2701 or
Fairview Park Drop-off May 9 and September 26, 20777 Lorain Avenue, 9:00-12:00. Questions, call (440) 356-4410 or
Garfield Heights Drop-off May 4-8 & 11-16 and August 31-September 4 & 8-12 at 13600 McCracken Road, M-F 8:00-3:00 and Sat. 8:00-12:00. Questions, call (216) 475-1107 or
Gates Mills Dates TBA, 1470 Chagrin River Road, 9:00-12:00. Questions, call (440) 423-4405 ext. 127 or
Glenwillow Year-round drop-off, 29555 Pettibone Road, 8:00-4:00. Questions, call (440) 232-8788 ext. 119 or
Highland Heights Drop-off April 1-30 and August 1-31, 5827 Highland Road, M-F 8:00-3:30 and Sat. 9:00-12:00. Questions, call (440) 461-2440 or
Highland Hills Year-round special pick-up. Questions, call (216) 662-5012 or
Hunting Valley Year-round drop-off, 38251 Fairmount Boulevard, M-F 8:00-3:00. Residents only. Questions, call (440) 247-6101 or
Independence Special curbside collection on Fridays. Questions, call (216) 524-9191 or
Lakewood Year-round drop-off, 12920 Berea Road, M-F 8:00–3:00 and Sat. 8:00–12:00. Questions, call (216) 252-4322 or
Linndale Year-round drop-off, 4016 West 119 Street. Questions, call (216) 251-6000
Lyndhurst Year-round curbside collection or drop-off at 5301 Mayfield Road during open hours. Questions, call (440) 473-5100 or
Maple Heights Call for more information. Questions, call (216) 587-9014 or
Mayfield Heights Call for more information. Questions, call (440) 442-2626 or
Mayfield Village Drop-off February 7-14, April 25-May 3, August 1-8 and November 7-14, 610 SOM Center Road, M-F 7:00-3:00 and Sat. 9:00-1:00. Questions, call (440) 442-5506 or
Middleburg Heights Drop-off April 1-December 1, 7375 Engle Road. Questions, call (440) 234-2216 or
Moreland Hills Year-round drop-off, 4350 SOM Center Road, M-F 7:00-3:00. Questions, call (440) 248-1188 or
Newburgh Heights Call for more information. Questions, call (216) 641-2714.
North Olmsted Year-round drop-off, 5200 Dover Center Road. Questions, call (440) 716-4151 or
North Randall Does not participate. Questions, call (216) 662-0430.
North Royalton Year-round drop-off on Saturdays, 11545 Royalton Road, 8:00-3:00. Questions, call (440) 582-3002 or
Oakwood Village Late Summer curbside pick up. Questions, call (440) 232-6957 or
Olmsted Falls Drop-off April 1-30 and August 1-31. Questions, call (440) 235-1345 or
Olmsted Township Drop-off the first Saturday & second and fourth Wednesday of the month, 7900 Fitch Road, 8:00–12:00. No latex paint. Questions, call (440) 235-1011. Questions, call (440) 235-1011 or
Orange Village Drop-off the first Friday of every month, 4680 Lander Road, M-F 7:00-3:00. Drop-offs also accepted April 1-30 and August 1-31. Questions, call (440) 498-4403 or
Parma Year-round drop-off, 5680 Chevrolet Boulevard, M-F 7:30-2:30.  Special events April 11 and August 15. Questions, call (216) 661-7375 or
Parma Heights Drop-off April 25 and August 22, 6281 Pearl Road, 9:00-12:00. Questions, call (440) 884-9607 or
Pepper Pike Year-round drop-off, 28000 Shaker Boulevard, M-F 7:00-2:30. Special pick-up on Fridays (April and August) also available. Questions, call (216) 896-6149 or
Richmond Heights Drop-off Saturdays only April 1-30 and August 1-31, 26260 Chardonview Road, 9:00-1:00. Questions, call (216) 731-7014 or
Rocky River Curbside collection April 20-24 and August 24-28. Questions, call (440) 356-5630 or
Seven Hills Drop-off May 18 and September 14, 7325 Summitview Drive, 8:00-6:00. Questions, call (216) 525-6225 or
Shaker Heights Drop-off April 11-12 & 18-19 and August 15-16 & 22-23,15600 Chagrin Boulevard, 8:00-4:00. Questions, call (216) 491-1490 or
Solon Curbside collection on the first full week of each month. Questions, call (440) 248-5834 or
South Euclid Drop-off April 6-24 and August 3-28, 4224 Monticello Boulevard, M-F 8:00-3:30. Questions, call (216) 381-0402 or
Strongsville Year-round drop-off, 16099 Foltz Parkway, M-F 8:00-4:00. Questions, call (440) 238-5720 or
University Heights Drop-off April 1-30 and August 1-31, 2300 Warrensville Center Road, M-F 8:00-4:00. Questions, call (216) 932-7800 or
Valley View Call for more information. Questions, call (216) 524-1087 or
Walton Hills Drop-off May April 20-24 and August 17-21, 6800 Dunham Road, M-F 8:00-3:30. Questions, call (216) 587-2574 or
Warrensville Heights Drop-off August 1-31, 18909 Miles Road. Questions, call (216) 587-6570 or
Westlake Drop-off April 13-18 and August 10-15, 741 Bassett Road, M-F 8:00-6:30 and Sat. 7:30-12:00. Questions, call (440) 835-6432 or
Woodmere Curbside collection, Mondays and Fridays only. Questions, call (216) 292-4101 or

What about televisions and other electronics?
While there is no ban in Ohio on placing televisions and electronics in the regular trash, there are retailers and local companies that offer recycling services for these items. A fee is usually charged for televisions.

Best Buy stores will recycle televisions (up to 32”) and many other types electronics equipment for free. Log onto  Staples stores will recycle old office technology at no charge.  Visit

What will happen to the computers that are collected?
Computers turned in during this event will be recycled by RET3 job corp., a not-for-profit computer recycler located on the east side of Cleveland.   RET3 job corp. works to give students technology skills for the workplace and, in turn, drive economic development in the region.  RET3 job corp. has a goal of putting 50,000 computers in Northeast Ohio schools over the next five years.

What will happen to the data on my computer?
All computer hard drives received by RET3 are erased of all data using U.S. Department of Defense specifications. This secure system eradicates all the information stored on your computer and protects your confidentiality.  After the hard drive is cleaned, usable computer systems are remanufactured.  Unrepairable equipment is completely deconstructed.  If your donation does not meet school specifications, RET3 job corp. will recycle the equipment in a process that is fully compliant with EPA standards and offers a 100% no-landfill guarantee. Raw materials are sold, and profits benefit RET3 job corp.

Is there a way to clean the hard drive on my own?
RET3 job corp. offers a "How to Erase Your Hard Drive" video tutorial on their website at  Just scroll to the bottom of the home page to see the video.  You can also follow the step-by-step instructions for KillDisk software on their website.  Please do not remove the hard drive since that makes it more costly to refurbish the computer.

I am a business with computers I need to get rid of.  What can I do with my old equipment?
Businesses with computers to recycle should contact RET3 for pick-up and drop-off requirements. Call (216) 361-9991.  A list of other local computer recyclers can also be found in our online Recycling Directory for Business & Industry.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, because we use a non-profit 501(c)(3) to recycle the equipment collected during this event we will provide a tax receipt for your donation.  To obtain a receipt contact the Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749 ext. 8 or  Please provide your name and mailing address. A receipt will be mailed to you.

We will not determine the value of your donation.  To learn more about putting a value to your donation, visit the IRS website (Publication #561 or Publication #526) or call the IRS at (216) 522-4048.

I'm not a resident of Cuyahoga County. What can I do?
Other local Solid Waste Districts hold free collection events for their residents. Contact your county for information about events going on throughout the year. 

Geauga/Trumbull County (330) 675-2673
Lake County (440) 350-2582
Lorain County (440) 329-5440
Medina County (330) 769-0289
Portage County (330) 678-8808
Summit County (330) 374-0383


Calendar of Events

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November 26-27, 2015
Holiday -- County offices closed

December 1, 2015-January 15, 2016
Holiday lights recycling campaign

December 25, 2015
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