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Facilities & Maps

Lists and maps of facilities in Cuyahoga County

See the lists below or view the Solid Waste District's facility maps to find a location. They will guide you to a licensed waste transfer station, licensed C&DD landfill or registered compost facility within Cuyahoga County.  Please call ahead for prices and specifications at each facility.

There are no open solid waste landfills in Cuyahoga County.  For information about other types of waste disposal in Cuyahoga County, call (216) 443-3749.  Click here for a current list of licensed Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Ohio.

Waste Transfer Stations

Cuyahoga County Transfer Stations (map PDF)

Click the following link for a current list of all licensed Waste Transfer Stations in Ohio by County.


BFI Glenwillow Transfer Station 30300 Pettibone Road, Glenwillow (440) 786-9390 Republic Services  Y  
Broadview Heights Recycling Center 9191 Postal Drive, Broadview Heights (440) 740-0145 Rumpke Waste Y  
Cleveland Heights Transfer Station 14200 Superior Road, Cleveland Heights (216) 691-7319 City of Cleveland Heights  N  
Cleveland Transfer/Recycling Station 7450 Oakleaf Road, Oakwood Village (440) 786-1300 Waste Management Y  
Harvard Road Transfer Station 3227 Harvard Road, Newburgh Heights (216) 429-2229 Rumpke Waste  
Ridge Road Transfer Station 3727 Ridge Road, Cleveland (216) 664-3162 City of Cleveland Y  
Rocky River Transfer Station 22401 Lake Road, Rocky River (440) 331-0600 City of Rocky River N  
Shaker Heights Transfer Station 15600 Chagrin Boulevard, Shaker Heights (216) 491-1499 City of Shaker Heights N  
Strongsville Transfer Station 16099 Foltz Industrial Parkway, Strongsville (440) 580-3170 Republic Services N  


Licensed Construction & Demolition Debris (C&DD) Landfills

Before heading to a CD&D landfill, consider deconstruction. Deconstruction is defined as selectively dismantling a structure for the purpose of salvaging valuable construction and architectural materials to resell, reuse, or recycle.

Boyas Excavating, Inc. 11311 Rockside Road, Valley View  (216) 524-3620 Y  
Waste Management's Cuyahoga C&DD Landfill 6640 Cochran Road, Solon (440) 498-5700 Y  
RKDF, Inc. 950 Valley Belt Road, Brooklyn Heights (216) 986-7000 Y  

Click the following link for current list of all licensed Construction & Demolition Debris Landfills in Ohio by County.

Registered Compost Facilities

Class I – mixed solid waste
Class II – source-separated yard waste, agricultural waste, animal waste, and food scraps
Class III – source-separated yard waste, agricultural waste, and animal waste
Class IV – source separated yard waste

Cuyahoga County Composting Facilities (map PDF)

Boyas Excavating 11311 Rockside Road, Valley View (216) 524-3620  Y
Brooklyn, City of Compost Facility 9400 Memphis Avenue, Brooklyn (216) 351-2133  Residents only
Cloverleaf Compost Facility 7400 Granger Road, Independence (216) 986-7000  Y
Independence, City of Compost Facility 7423 Old Rockside Road, Independence (216) 642-8738  Residents only
Kurtz Bros, Inc 5603 Canal Road, Valley View (216) 986-7000  Y
Mulch Madness, LLC 10801 Meech Avenue, Cleveland (216) 701-0318  Y
North Olmsted Compost Facility Bradley Road, North Olmsted (440) 777-8000  Residents only
Savarino Brothers 24670 Broadway Avenue, Oakwood Village (440) 439-5358  Y
Solon, City of Compost 6600 Cochran Road, Solon (440) 248-5834  Residents only
Tree Master Supply 4501 Lakeside Avenue E, Cleveland (216) 241-6744  Y

Click the following links for current lists of all licensed Class I & Class II compost facilities and registered Class II, Class III & Class IV compost facilities in Ohio by County.