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Resident Services

Programs for residents of Cuyahoga County

Our residents have many options for recycling in Cuyahoga County.  Curbside collection, drop-off bins, and special waste collections are available for recycling many types of materials, including cans, glass, plastics, electronics, oil-based paints and pesticides, clothing, and organics.  See the links below for more details or use the Residents drop-down menu.

Composting Education

The District offers composting education and has compost bins for sale.  Our educator holds seminars throughout the year in communities throughout the county.

Computer Recycling

Twice a year, in April and August, the District sponsors Recycle Your Computer Month.  Collection events for residents happen at city service departments.

Education Programs

Looking to learn more about recycling?  Join our Master Recycler Program, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, or check out one of our adult education seminars.

Guide to Curbside Recycling Programs

Looking for general information about city-sponsored recycling programs in Cuyahoga County?  Check out our list of all 59 communities in the county, including the who, what, when, where, and how recycling happens.

Greening the Holidays

The holidays can be overwhelming and create lots of trash.  Learn how to reduce what you put in the landfill during holidays, parties, and events.

Household Hazardous Waste

Disposing of your oil-based paint, pesticides, and other hazardous materials has never been easier.  We’ve partnered with the 59 communities in our county to offer more frequent disposal of hazardous materials in the home.  Check out our information on recycling fluorescent bulbs, learn how to dry out and dispose of latex paint, or find a location for getting rid of medicine & needles.

Other District Recycling Collections

The District conducts other seasonal recycling collections for special items including paper shredding, political yard signs and holiday lights.  We also host Zerolandfill Cleveland in the summer.

Paper Recycling Drop-Offs

Abitibi Paper Retriever, River Valley Paper Company, and the City of Cleveland all operate drop-off bins for mixed paper throughout our area.

Phone Book Recycling

The annual Phone Book Recycling Campaign was discontinued in 2013.  There are many other options, including curbside recycling and mixed paper collection bins, to recycle phone books.

Recycling Programs at Retail Stores

As consumers, we shop at a variety of stores and retail shops every day.  Did you know that local and national stores and chains offer free recycling programs for many different items?  The next time you're out running errands and buying a few new items at these stores, plan on dropping off your recycling too.

Scrap Tire Round-Up

The Solid Waste District provides free recycling of scrap tires for communities every September during its Scrap Tire Round-Up event. Tires are picked up at city service garages by our recycling contractor.

Stop Unwanted Mail and Phone Calls

If you’re tired of junk mail or unwanted phone calls, visit this page for tips on how to make it stop.

What Do I Do With?

Learn how to recycle or dispose of all those unusual or strange items that you’re just not sure about.

Ask the District

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