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Services for Local Governments

The following free services are offered to all communities in Cuyahoga County:

TOUR YOUR MRF (Fall 2013)

In early October, mayors, councilpersons, city personnel and green team members are invited to get on the bus with the District for tours of local Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) .  Learn what, where, why and how the recyclables collected from your community are processed.  Tours are half-day programs; transportation is provided by the District.  (flyer PDF)  Contact Kathleen Rocco.

Business Recycling Assistance

Help with developing workplace recycling programs including presentations, waste audits, and recycling market information. Contact Doreen Schreiber.

Children’s Education Programs

Classroom presentations, teacher workshops, mini-grants, summer programs, teacher materials and field trips. Contact Kathleen Rocco.


Small grants for communities, schools and non-profit organizations to support recycling collection and recycling awareness. Contact Diane Bickett.

Litter Collection Program

Year-round litter collection for communities through Court Community Service. Contact Diane Bickett.

Local Government Cooperatives

Help with cooperative contracting for solid waste and recycling services among communities. Contact Diane Bickett

Local Government Consulting Services

Solid waste and recycling market information, industry data, contracting assistance, and program efficiency assistance. Contact Diane Bickett.

Recycling Information

Recycling hotline, web site, brochures, recycling program assistance, presentations and e-newsletter. Contact Cristie Snyder.

Solid Waste Contract Survey Data

Information on municipal solid waste and recycling contracts including contract terms and prices. Contact Jessica Fenos.


Recycling presentations customized for any age and organization. Contact Kathleen Rocco.

Special Waste Collections

Seasonal collection events for household hazardous waste, scrap tires, computers, mercury and phone books. Contact Cristie Snyder.

Trash Talk Workshops

Quarterly workshops held for city service department personnel provide opportunities to network, learn best practices, and stay up to date with recycling and waste industry trends.

Calendar of Events

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program
City Service Departments

July 3, 2015
Holiday - County offices closed

July 15, 2015
Master Recycler applications due

July 17, 2015
ZeroLandfill Pollination (materials drop-off)
Garfield Heights

July 18, 2015
ZeroLandfill Harvest (materials pick-up)
Garfield Heights

July 24, 2015
ZeroLandfill Pollination (materials drop-off)
Garfield Heights

July 25, 2015
ZeroLandfill Harvest (materials pick-up)
Garfield Heights

August 1-31, 2015
Recycle Your Computer Month
City Service Departments


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